Episode 5 – Funky Friday

Live set recorded on Friday April 27th starting with some funky ass, disco-influenced house music then ending with some funky ass tribal-ish sounds. If you don’t jack your body while listening to this, you might be dead.

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Episode 6 – PRIDE

A mix of upbeat pop songs to help you get pumped up for pride month!

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Episode 7 – New Old School

A mix session made up of remixes of older pop and dance songs from the 80s and beyond. Aroof!

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Episode 8 – Weekend Warmup

Get yourself ready for a weekend of dancing with this mix of funky / electro / pop house tunes!

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Episode 9 – Tribalish Thursday

A mix of some deep, tribal-influenced house music to help ya get your weekend going. If you don’t shake you ass to this – you might be dead.

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Episode 10 – Funky Friday

Start the long weekend off with a mix that starts off techy and deep, then progresses to a funky dance party.

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